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NingboTenbo metal products Co.,Ltd was established in 2010, Specialized in Aluminum die casting; stamping and precision machining. Tenbo have seven advanced die-casting machines from 180T to 500T,all equipped with fully automatic-spray, extractor, ladder, conveyor and trim die,we also has 35 sets CNC. We service customers with Tooling design & fabrication, Die-casting , NC&CNC machining , Stamping and Surface treatment: Includes Powder coating, Chromate in diecasting materials. And the company is running committed to high quality management system: I S O 9 0 0 1: 2 0 15 and IATF 1 6 9 4 9:2016 Materials analysis machine,projection measurement machine, Instant Video measurement and other inspection equipment are used in the daily production.With over 10 years' experience in die casting industry, Tenbo provides wide range of casting products: Wireless telecommunication system, Security System, LED Heat-sink, Automobile and Motorcycle parts, Electric tool parts,Sewing machine parts,Pump&Valve parts etc.
 Product Name  aluminum die casting parts
 Material   A380,A413,A360,Adc12,A325,ZL102,ZL104 etc.
 Weight  0.015-8kg (0.033-18lb)
 Process Name  1  Incoming material inspection  8  Cleaning
 2  Material  9  Appearance inspection
 3  Melting 10  Leakage testing
 4  Die casting 11  Inspection parts after chromating
 5  Deburring 12  Packaging
 6  Process inspection 13  Inspecting for delivery
 7  Machining 14  Delivery 
 Drawing  Provide by customer, or design according as the sample
 Drwing format  Pro/E, AutoCAD, SOLIDWORK, CAXA, UG, CAD, CAM, CAE, STP, IGES, etc.
 Mould  Design and produce by ourself

Ningbo aluminum alloy die casting/ aluminum injection die casting/valves die casting parts

Ningbo aluminum alloy die casting/ aluminum injection die casting/valves die casting parts

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Address: No.105 Putuoshan Road, Daqi street, Beilun District, Ningbo,China
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